Wondering about what other people think and how they spell

I am fascinated with working out what other people think about themselves and how they form their view of the world and their own identity. For example, when I was in my 20’s, I used to analyse what people were wearing on the tram and how they styled their hair, to figure out what period of their life it was when their ‘look’ established itself in their identity. For example, I saw this guy the other day who had a George Michael gypsy earring in one ear, a faded denim jacket and had layered hair,and thought, “Wow, that’s an old-fashioned guy”. He may have found his groove in the mid-80’s, around the time of ‘Last Christmas’.

This fascination extends to how people use words and how they spend their money.

Which leads to this experiment in finding bargains on ebay. I wonder if I would find more bargains by plugging in a few wrong spellings.

Spelling errors for common items.

‘Draws’ (drawers) = 616 results
‘Chase lounge’ (chaise longue) = 10
‘Chaise lounge’ = 439
‘Lounge suit’ (instead of suite – yes, there still is a place for lounge suits in modern life, possibly) = 26
‘Dinning’ (dining) (happens too often to be just a typo) = 426
‘Frige’ (fridge) = 15
‘Vehical’ = 21

Interestingly, ‘Ed Hardy’ is always spelled correctly – does this mean that Australians who like Ed Hardy are good spellers, or that Ed Hardy is so revealed one would never take that name in vain? It may, of course, just mean that Ed Hardy is easy to spell.