Experiment with QR Codes #1

I created the following QR code at createqrcodes.com.au:

The text I entered was:

“This is a test. Haverin Books havers all over Healesville”.

For those of you who don’t have a QR code scanner, they are downloadable onto your phone and don’t cost anything. Check them out at Play Store (used to be Android Marketplace)

So now we know, unlike barcodes and ISBNs and stuff like that, QR codes are quick and easy to apply on the fly.

Being a lover of print publishing, I want my pubs to be in print. Particularly since the target markets are often on holidays when they buy, and although tablets an iPads are nice, you just don’t want them falling in a river or getting covered in salty sand.

So books and magazines are here to stay. But how to get that rich (and funny) experience of cruising from page to page, just drifting, or digger deeper and deeper into something? These things are web things.

There is good evidence that mobiles have overtaken computer-based access for internet browsing and all the other meta-activities that go on underneath of or on top of the connected world. And yes, people do take their phones on holidays.

An update on my experiment with Empire Avenue, and a new post about my experiment with Klout, will be posted ASAP.


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