The Hilarious Feminist Business Model Part 2: how much you get for affiliate marketing penis extensions

The Hilarious Feminist Business Model Part 2:
How much you get for affiliate marketing penis extensions

In my previous post, I outlined why the pick up artist has so much to offer a feminist in search of a lazy business opportunity on the net.

As part of my initial research, I visited Clixgalore. This is one of the marketplaces for affiliate marketing deal. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid commissions for sales made by another website, because the referring link was on your website and someone clicked on it and later bought the product.

Examples of commissions include $100 for referring a customer for a particular Vodaphone package, or 8% of sales for aromatherapy products, or 30% of sales for ‘natural male enhancement’ products.

So, not being someone to mess about, I hypothesise that the best business model is an apparently exclusive online club where men can buy special penis enhancements, learn scripts that will help you bed women and pretend to other men that they are high-powered executives who drive ferraris. A bit like the Australia Club but without the chandeliers.

Update: my Marketing Assistant (aka wordpress scheduler) accidentally posted this before it was finished. I will have to return to the issue in another post, which will be named The Hilarious Feminist Business Model Part 3:
How much you get for affiliate marketing aphrodisiacs and lady tracking devices.

Update 2: The Melbourne angle:

The Age, 28/08/2012:

“A company run from a Collingwood warehouse has been convicted and fined $21,500 for illicit dealings with products that offered enhanced sexual performance and pleasure.

Astrix Pty Ltd’s lotions, sprays and pills were advertised to delay ejaculation, induce, increase and maintain erections, enlarge penises and arouse women.

But a Melbourne court heard the expectations of customers would have been left unfulfilled because the harmless products — which included 1200 spray canisters of Indian God Lotion and liquid Black Arrow Spanish Fly — were “silly novelty items” suited for birthday presents and practical jokes that contained mostly water and caffeine.”

Read more:

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