Nonprofits and associations – Report Machine needs those brains of yours for 2 minutes…

Report Machine (www.ReportMachine) needs your brains for 2 minutes…

Report Machine is a new website that creates Beautiful, Affordable reports for nonprofits and associations. How easy would your life would be if you could just press a few buttons and upload a couple of files, and a lovely, reliable, professional-looking annual report came back to you, all ready to send to members, grant-makers, donors, the local council – whoever!

But to make it happen, we need your help – your experience, your frustrations, your needs.

Help us make Report Machine bethe best it can be by doing our three-minute survey.

And if you’re really interested in lightening the workload and getting some more time in front of the Olympics, you could help us out by sponsoring the Report Machine prototype project at . You can choose the level of support and you get special treatment! 😉

A note about Report Machine

Report Machine is a private business in start-up phase. Once we start operating, the business will incorporate, with 49% of shares distributed to nonprofit organisations and associations which make a difference in the community. 

Report Machine’s contacts on the internet:

Report Machine’s founder is Jenny MacKinnon. Jenny has around twenty years’ experience in strategy, writing and editing for business and non-profits, and a strong background in complex documentation such as annual reports and investor documentation.

Jenny’s information:

LinkedIn profile:

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