For dinosaurs with Adlers: how to set up and maintain a wordpress blog

This post is dedicated to the kind and courageous Peter Fox, a policeman who took his job seriously and spent more than ten years engaging with victims of child sexual abuse, and attempting to prosecute offenders, often against the wishes of individuals he worked with. I’ve made it public in case other people wan to offer tips.

Thanks for your work, Peter.

How to set up and maintain a blog

1. Think of a name. It could be Peter Fox of the Hunter, Peter Fox 59, The Dinosaur with the Adler, or Squiddly-doo. You decide!

2. Go to

3. Click on ‘Get Started’

4. Enter your email address, preferred user name, password and the name of your blog.

The name of your blog will be a bit like a website name. (Later, if you want, you can set up a domain name that ‘points’ directly to it, so if people type in your domain name, they go straight to your blog).

5. ‘Create blog’ button at the bottom of the ‘free’ option. You will not need any of the paid options. It might tell you that you can’t have the name you’ve selected, because it’s already taken – just keep trying different names until you get one you like.

6. Click on the link ‘visit your dashboard’

7. From the menu to the left, click on ‘Posts’.

8. From the menu to the left, click on ‘Add New’

9. Write what you would like to say. There is no character limit. But you can write posts as short or as long as you would like. Lots of bloggers just write a comment here and there.

10. Use the ‘preview’ button in the top right-hand corner to see what it will look like. You can also save it as a draft and come back later to finish it. Or you can just click on ‘Publish’.

11. There is also an option called ‘Publicize’ on the right-hand menu. You can add your Twitter and Facebook accounts here to let people know when you have published a new post.

12. You can add a picture by going to the bottom of the right-hand menu and selecting ‘Set featured image’. Then you upload one or link to one.

13. Go to the left-hand menu and click on ‘Appearance’.

This is the fun (I mean it!) part. You can keep the current theme, or change the theme to one you like better. It’s useful to select one with a right-hand side bar layout so you can add links, Tweets and so on. Twenty-ten, Twenty-eleven and Twenty-twelve are good, but there are lots of other ones. To change it, just click the ‘Activate’ link under the theme you like (some of them are free and some cost money).

14. Under ‘Appearance’ on the left-hand menu, select ‘Widgets’

15. You’ll see a big grey box titled ‘Available Widgets’. Drag the one called ‘Twitter’ into the light grey box at the right-hand side. Enter what you want to call them (‘Tweets’ is fine 🙂 ), and enter your Twitter user name. When you publish the blog, all the tweets will show up here.

You can drag other widgets into the side bar as well.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right at first, there’s no wrong way to do it really. It just helps you lay out your pages. You can click on the Preview button any time you like to see what it will look like.

Let me know if you have any questions – jennylmackinnon@gmail.



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