Behaviour in parliament

Cathy McGowan in, Sophie Mirabella out.
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Sophie's Record

Ms Mirabella was ejected from parliament five times over a period of 36 parliamentary sitting days in 2011 for “unparliamentary behaviour”. Ms Mirabella did not apologise for the continual interjections that resulted in her expulsion from the chamber, stating “If the government is speaking nonsense, I’m not going to sit there and accept it”.

In 2012 Ms Mirabella was unable to participate in the vote on the passing of the carbon tax bills due to being barred from parliament for 24 hours. She was ejected from parliament by Speaker Peter Slipper after failing to heed two warnings. A colleague of Ms Mirabella, a coalition MP, stated that “she should have realised during a crucial week in the chamber her first priority was to be in the chamber”.


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