I have a problem with the neddies. No. Actually, I have a problem with hypocrisy

ImageI am getting really tired of the slack arguments against thoroughbred racing. 

(Except obviously those made by vegans – so please this rant is not for you, vegans).

1.It makes you SAD! – oh dear, so it must be wrong that 50% of horses are killed? (Or whatever the figure is) What about the 100% of beef cattle, the 100% of lamb bred for meat, the 100% of broiler chickens? Oh, that’s okay! Why? They never even get out for a good gallop like the horses do. Their short lives are probably ten times worse. But people don’t wear fancy hats and have a good time near them, so it doesn’t count?Image

2. You hate the waste? Oh dear! But you wouldn’t dream of eating offal, pigs’ trotters, etc or learning how to cook the tough meat of old, tired breeding animals. Oh, not YOUR waste! The waste of the people in the fancy hats having a good time.

3. You have a sweet dog at home and you hate cruelty to animals? Yeah, but the dog doesn’t ever get let off the leash at the dog park, never gets to sniff or roll in really horrible smells – in short, never gets to be a real dog. But he’s kept alive and physically healthy. But we’re not talking about you not getting off your arse, putting on some old trackies and taking your dog out; we’re talking about those other people, in the fancy hats.

Our western problems with death are absurd. Us meat eaters cause living things to be killed EVERY day to put on your plate. You cause waste and you cause boring or uncomfortable lives for animals, yet your feelings of discomfort are basically tied to your own convenience. And your problem with those OTHER people having a good time in fancy hats.

I have a long-standing ethical problem: I eat meat, but it does not fit with my other values. This is my problem. It will take me years to sort out, but I am not going to outsource it to my feelings of envy over people having a good time in fancy hats, or outrage and guilt over something I can’t control like horse racing. Put up or shut up.