Calls For Aboriginal Juvenile To Be Shot For Target Practice After Public Shaming By NT Police – New Matilda

I am so very ashamed of the harm and misery our fellow Australians advocate and cause to children and vulnerable people. How do we not turn our gaze away when we live so far removed from the violence? How can we intervene apart from protests, money and petitions?

Once upon a time, you could visit someone and sit by their side (could you? am I just imagining it?) to comfort them but the violence is from governments now and they can place the vulnerable so far away from anyone else that there are suddenly two distinct realities – such as my reality and the reality of these people in the New Matilda article.

Out in social media land, let’s be always mindful that our views get skewed by our own feed and it’s worth not getting to entrenched into conflicts less we give up our ability to influence their views and to soften them towards civilisation..

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