What I wish to have revived: the teasmade


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Going Obsolete.”

Re-design and re-launch the teasmade. Use phones, apple watches, computers. Use web services; use ifttt or zapier. Hook them up to a quality, powerful but beautiful digital radio and media processor in a polished wood or fancy steel casing. Include a unit that heats water, and a mechanism that pours the water into a pot. Make it all cool and Japanese. Or get some genius modern industrial designer and distribute it under the V&A or MOMA brands.

This is what a teasmade looks now. Sad, isn’t it?

teasmade new

This is a Hawkins teasmade from the modern era; sometime between 1930 and 1950. I once lowballed someone on Ebay and nearly bought it for $70. (This is when I learned my lesson about lowballing beauty)

hawkins teasmade

That is all.