This is the personal opinion page of Jenny MacKinnon, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

If you feel uncomfortable about some of the ideas presented discussed here, or they seem kind of news to you, here are some resources so you can learn a bit.

Feminism: Read this first: feminism 101.

Social sciences research methods: US government’s eSource Research page. Note that the internet and public discourse contains a lot of genuine, peer-reviewed research, but that it also contains a lot of rubbish written by people who are upset about something. This includes people with a qualification in one field who then feel qualified to talk about another field. For example, male engineers talking about how to shape health policy for young single mothers.

If you see this picture, blow up doll it’s because we’re tired of you talking about your girlfriend. You can go and discuss her on Reddit. But here, we talk about real women as complete human beings who exist for themselves, not for other people

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