“Many changes occur in your life after you have a child, but one of the more devastating is that you look like shit.”

This comment jumped off the age at me, from an article about makeup that proceeded that we women didn’t want to spend hour after hour applying makeup and that anything that would improve life without enslaving us, ie help us to cut corners in a good way, was worth writing about.

They also do serious stuff. For example, this article about rape on Indian Reservations. I wish our female publishers and editors had the balls to properly investigate the issue of the high incidence of domestic violence and rape in some Aboriginal communities.

Just a note of warning, though. is not available on Australian McDonald’s free wifi. For some reason they don’t seem to like Jezebel, possibly because of the word, ‘vagina’, which is used freely at that site. However, many McDonald’s restaurants are happy to play music videos of women wearing almost nothing. Just don’t say the word, even if you can clearly see the vulva through the leather mumblers.


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