Thoughts and feelings about distorting Julia Gillard’s work

Image of Julia Gillard and Hillary Clinton

Julia Gillard and Hillary Clinton

When I studied Australian history, I learned that we had been making public records wrong, recording based on the dominant view we thought that now we know that distorting public life leads to further distortion, we can stop it happening again

Good. So all us women have to do is educate ourselves for leadership positions and go for it. But no. We had a capable, educated, talented negotiator as a Prime Minister, but she was female.

And now we are collectively going to change the public record, and say she was shite, right in front of my eyes. Right here and now, we are going to change the truth. And everyone will go blindly along with it.

I used to think it happened secretly, when be wrote history books. But no, it happens openly, actively.

So take heart, everyone who has ever had a big lie told about them: you are now in very fine company indeed.

Here is the piece by Anne Summers: Mad as hell and not ready to make nice

In the 17 days since she was deposed Julia Gillard has been thoroughly trashed.[..]  Laura Tingle even referred this week to “the Gillard experiment”, implying the ALP won’t be going there again. Meaning what? No more women? Or lawyers? Or single, childless, atheist Welsh redheads?

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Julia Gillard’s gone. What then must we do?

Julia Gillard’s been booted out. After doing Knitting PMall the hard leadership yards.The fact that it happened is not shocking.


What is shocking is how many people have swallowed the dominant story in the media, put there and maintained by News.

When I was young, I was forever reminded by adults that “you can’t believe everything you read in the newspapers”. Journalists regularly ranked somewhere next to lawyers and politicians in terms of trustworthiness surveys. When did we all become so stupid that we forgot to pay attention? The price of freedom, they say, is eternal vigilance.

You know what would make a real difference?

An angry, informed, deliberate, grass-roots campaign to educate people about politics, the political system, basic economics and civil rights.

That would make a difference to LGBT, to sexism, to the repetitive hoodwinking of the average Australian by the mainstream media (there are people in my social media feeds who don’t realise that there is no carbon tax on them), to the union movement, everyone vaguely left – and some of the wets from the right.

That would make a difference.

Who’s in?